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Continuing Neon #4

Continuing Neon #4
Even More Neons!

Continuing Neon

Continuing Neon
Still More Neon!

Continuing Neon

Continuing Neon
More Neon!

September 2010 30-Day Photo Challenge

September 2010 30-Day Photo Challenge
September 2010 30-Day Photo Challenge

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Coffee Time!

After all those beer neons, I figured that I should close out the current block of neons with some coffee!
This neon is not from Capistrano, but I've had it in my files for several months and don't remember exactly where I took it.  But it's colorful, and contains the text as well as the graphic and seemed like a good choice to end this group of neons.

More From San Juan Capistrano

I love the more complex and colorful artistry of this neon!  Very graphic design, again portraying the cowboy heritage of San Juan Capistrano.  This is also located at Swallows Inn.

Another bull rider, similar pose, and again with a red bull at Swallows Inn.  Different beer though!  Great artistic minds must think alike!

This Budweiser neon carries the western theme of the prior one, but alas, all we get in this one is the lariat.
But the inference is definitely there.

More of a simple Coors, not representing the local area.  Just the mountain brewery.

While not cowboy specifically, this neon at least does reflect the live bands that play at Swallows Inn.  It's creatively designed and colorful!

This neon depicts a local brewing company, it's actually located in a barbecue restaurant in San Juan Capistrano.  Again, the ubiquitous swallow.

Swallows Inn - San Juan Capistrano

The Swallows Inn in San Juan Capistrano is an institution.  A lively bar, featuring all sorts of signs and other memorabilia, it draws locals and tourists alike.  Among the lively decor of the place are many neon signs, mostly advertising beer, and most (but not all) showing beer signs reflecting the cowboy heritage of the area. The neon above is the swallow that represents San Juan Capistrano.

Ok, so this neon doesn't represent San Juan Capistrano, but it is in the bar, and it's colorful and artistic, so here it is!

Now, this neon is truly original!  Unfortunately someone was standing in front of it, and blocked out part of Tim McGraw's name and part of the neon surrounding the Bud Light name, but I did manage to get most of the sign.  This is the first time I've seen a neon representing a specific person, Tim McGraw, the country singer.  Again, it's in the Swallows Inn.

Another cowboy themed neon, with a colorful spur.  Unfortunately the "L" seems to be missing, or burned out (I didn't pay attention at the time I took the picture), but it makes you sit up and take notice, wondering where that pesky L would fit!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hamburgers, Ideal Bar and Grill, Corona Fish

This neon is located at the same fast food joint as the hot dogs neon.  Amazing how a few curly, diagonal and colored lines can evoke a tasty cheeseburger with lettuce!  Can you tell I'm getting hungry as I work on uploading this last batch of images?

When we were driving off the wharf, I noticed this sign on a building at the entrance.  So while the others remained in the car, I got out to snap this picture, and also the picture of the Dream Inn, since both establishments are very close to each other.  Once again, I like the mix of text and graphic.

This is one of my favorite neons!  We saw this sign in a liquor store as we were driving to dinner.  We couldn't turn back, so this shot was taken from about a block away, because I just couldn't pass it up.  Again, it speaks to the coastal location of Santa Cruz.  I'm really enjoying the beer signs, especially the creative Corona signs.  Maybe because I also enjoy Corona beer.  

Hot Dogs, Dream Inn, Parrot Corona Extra

Located at a fast-food stand along with the hamburger sign coming up, this graphic image really looks like a plump and juicy hot dog with mustard.  Yum!

The Dream Inn is a long-time favorite hotel in Santa Cruz, located near the wharf by the Boardwalk.  The sign is simple, and its design evokes the era of mid-century art with its script and space-agey star.

Another colorful beer neon.  I don't really see a connection to the beachy atmosphere of Santa Cruz in this one, but I love the colorful parrot anyway.  Well, I guess there is a hint of ocean, sun and palm tree.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beach Chair Corona, Philly Cheesesteak and The Hat Co.

Once again, a beach-themed beer sign to go with the Santa Cruz beachside community.  I loved the cool colors of the sign and the casual vibe it conveys.

Santa Cruz seems to have a lot of food and drink themed neons.  Not surprising, and I was happy to be able to take so many photos of them.

Not food, of course, but I loved the simplicity of this sign touting the business establishment.  I was surprised the neon didn't include a graphic image of a hat, but I liked the casual font and the colors, so I'm including it.

Khyber Pass, Froyo and Jazz

This is where we had dinner on our trip.  Excellent Indian, Afghani and Pakistani food, in huge amounts.  We all ordered something different and shared, and still didn't finish it all.  I'd go back in a heartbeat!

After dinner we walked down the street, thinking about dessert, and this sign caught our eye.  I loved the graphic design on the sign, but alas, we didn't stop and get any fro-yo.

This is the club that hosted The Austin Lounge Lizards, the spoof country music group we went to Santa Cruz to see live.  Nice casual venue, and the Lizards put on their usual fun and funky show.  Good time had by all.

Coasters and Massage Therapy

Located across the street from the Arcade and Cocoanut Grove, Coasters Bar and Grill had such a nice neon sign I had to walk over and take a picture of it!

The colors were nice and bright, and the sign combined an image and text, so here it is among the signs we spotted in Santa Cruz.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Modelo Beer and Arcade Signs

Well, just when I thought I'd get some "local" beer signs, we came across this one across the street from the Arcade when we parked our car.  But it was pretty, and colorful, so I took the picture.

We visited the Arcade after dinner.  What's an arcade if there are no prizes to win?  Located in a high-ceilinged area, the Arcade features all sorts of games from many different decades.  And of course, here was the sign over the redemption area, where people redeem the tickets they win from playing the games for useless prizes.  Nah, I'm not jaded.  We won lots of tickets playing Skee-Ball and shooting at the shooting gallery, but we found a teenage couple pondering what they could get at the redemption counter and just gave them our tickets.  They were surprised, and thanked us profusely.

And here is the neon sign hanging over the Shooting Gallery area of the Arcade, my favorite place!  The guns shoot with laser lights, not the shells that are being ejected in the sign, and I snagged a good number of prize tickets from my superior aiming.  Nice neon sign, too!

Welcome to Santa Cruz and the Cocoanut Grove

We spent a long weekend in Santa Cruz, and of course, I had my camera with me to capture any interesting neon signs.  We weren't disappointed!  After realizing that neon beer signs are often customized to fit the area in which they are located, finding this sign, with Santa Cruz's famous roller coaster, was a real prize!  The "Welcome to Santa Cruz" in neon was an added plus.  Most of the upcoming neons from this trip were somehow related to our activities, but alas, we did not go on the roller coaster, since the boardwalk was closed that evening for a private party.

This huge Cocoanut Grove sign is located at the building that houses the huge game arcade near the Boardwalk, along the beach.  The Cocoanut Grove is a banquet and conference center adjacent to the Boardwalk.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Smoothies, Stearns & Foster, 3-D Design, Mailbox Rental, Corona, Coffee & Donuts

Found on Balboa Peninsula near the Balboa Pier, Newport Beach.

Stearns and Foster is a brand of mattress.  I found this neon in a mattress store window in Irvine, California.

This is one of my favorite neon signs.  It is located in the same business as the vertical yellow neon sign previously posted.  I just love the colors in this sign - they really light up the night!

This sign isn't really out of the ordinary, but I just liked the color combination of the bright purple and green.  It seemed unusual.

Because I previously noticed that beer signs tend to incorporate something from the area in which they are located, I've started to make a point of looking for some indication on the signs of where they are from.  This sign, from Orange County, CA shows the logo of the local baseball team, the California Angels of Anaheim (formerly Anaheim Angels).

Colorful as this is, it's really only partially illuminated!  There is a whole line where the neon has apparently burned/run out, between Fresh and the pictures of the cups and donuts.  If I recall, the missing word is Donuts.  The sign is near the Newport Pier in Newport Beach, CA.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pacifico Beer, Capuccino, Teen Center

This is my third different Pacifico beer neon!  All three have different, but beach-related neon images.  Some are in English and some are in Spanish (cerveza).  I've begun to notice many of the beer neons have images related to our locality, such as beach-oriented pictures or images dealing with our local Angels baseball team.  That neon will be coming up shortly.

The Cappuccino neon caught my eye because of its bright green colors.  Then I noticed the cup formed by the letter 'u' with the steam coming up.  Very clever.  This sign is located in Newport Beach.

The Teen Center sign is on an interior wall of the Newport Beach Public Library, and denotes an area set aside for teens to do work and talk quietly.  It's actually against a lighter wall and is very bright during the day.

Shoe Repair, Tiem Toc and Scissors

I loved the simplicity of this shoe repair sign!   It's on a store open for business in Irvine, but stylistically could have been in front of a store 50 years ago!

Tiem Toc means Hair Salon in Vietnamese.  This sign and the scissors cutting hair (part of the salon front window) are located in Garden Grove.   I took these pictures a few weeks ago when we ventured out for authentic Vietnamese food for dinner.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Land Shark and Tapioca Express


I continue to be amazed at the graphics and color of neon beer signs!  This one was is in the window of a restaurant near Newport Pier.

While the Tapioca Express sign is itself not neon, I was drawn to the colorful design of the neon beverage and surrounding stripes.  Note the little boba balls in the bottom of the glass!  I love those.  This comes from a business in Irvine.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Spa (P)edicure

Nothing exciting about this neon, yet another outtake from the 30 Day Challenge, but with its "P" unlit, it provides a nice complement to the (S)ports Cards neon also located on this line in the current group.   Care for an "edicure" anyone?   This establishment is located in Newport Beach.

Fire Rock, Sports Cards, Widmer

This morning I woke up early to see a beautiful sky full of clouds, so I left the house early, before 7 a.m. to go take early morning pictures at Newport Pier.  I got some lovely pier pictures, and walking around afterward, I passed a small closed restaurant/bar at the edge of the beach.  But over the bar were the Fire Rock and Widmer neons which had been left on!  So, of course I took the neon shots, since they were so colorful and arty, and today I get to upload new neons.  The Sports Cards neon is an old one, located in Costa Mesa, and is an outtake from the 30 Day Challenge, but I liked it because the first "S" was burned out, leaving a blue and pink remnant.  It just caught my eye.  And I added it now, since it made a nice balanced look to the current grouping of neons.  Just that simple.

Mexican Grill and Buck's Clocks

These, too, are outtakes from the 30 Day Challenge.   

The Mexican Grill sign is from a restaurant in Newport Beach, and Buck's Clocks is a clock store, also in Newport Beach.  Both are very bright and stand out clearly at night!